Family Lawyer Near Pakenham

Dandenong Family Lawyers are committed to providing personalised and attentive representation when it comes to Family Law matters. This means that we strive to reach the best outcome for you. We focus on settling disputes in the most amicable, efficient and affordable way. We encourage our clients to explore all available options before proceeding to Court and provide representation in Court if a dispute cannot easily be resolved.

In case you are facing an issue which needs legal representation, it is necessary to take assistance from an erudite and practiced professional. This is even more important in scenarios like divorce or issues concerning kids. At Dandenong Family Lawyers, our family and property lawyers in Dandenong and Melbourne have immense experience and knowledge in the area of family and property law. They have handled several cases and dealt with innumerable situations concerning separation and child custody. We understand that such situations are extremely distressing for parents as well as for kids, which is why we try to get a swift resolution to your problems.

 Here are a few ways in which we can help you through our legal knowledge and expertise.

1. We can relieve some of your stress through our empathetic approach.

We understand that being in a legal situation is never easy for anybody. More so, when there is family involved, that can make many clients very vulnerable. Our team of brilliant family lawyers are known for their empathetic and sensitive approach, while they listen to and understand your

2. We can help you with a deep knowledge of family law.

Whether you are facing a legal issue regarding separation or child custody, our divorce lawyers and child custody lawyers near Pakenham are up-to-date about all the nuances in the law. With the help of our knowledge, we can surely help you to handle factors such as child support, maintenance, arrangements and child care.

 3. We offer fool-proof legal assistance and vigilance through expert lawyers.

Our experienced team of lawyers assist parents in making arrangements about where children live and what time they spend with each parent. Our lawyers also offer extensive advise in a broad range of financial family matters. We can assist with division of your property, whether your assets are modest or substantial. Whatever the sum involved, we provide the same dedicated and thorough service, focused on ensuring a just and equitable outcome.

Our family, separation and child custody lawyers near Pakenham devote personal attention in every case and look at every detail. Every client who approaches us for legal assistance gets exclusive attention and fool proof services to suit his/her needs. So, whether you have a legal issue regarding separation, child custody or property, you will get peace of mind knowing that your case is in safe hands.

Dandenong Family Lawyers can assist in various Family Law matters, which include but are not limited to:

  • De Facto Relationships.
  • Divorce and Separation.
  • Property and Financial matters.
  • Children’s and Parenting matters.
  • Consent Orders.
  • Binding Financial Agreements.
  • Superannuation Splitting.
  • Grandparents.
  • Same Sex Relationships and Marriage.
  • Spousal Maintenance. 

Are you someone who is facing a legal issue related to separation or child custody? Then you can connect with our family lawyers near Pakenham. We have an expert team of experienced and knowledgeable family lawyers, divorce lawyers and child custody lawyers in Dandenong and Melbourne with proficiency in all spheres of family law. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment now.

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